Plaster Repair

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Plaster Repair

Plaster Repair | Novak Painting And Decorating - Minneapolis, MN

It’s inevitable: the plaster of your home or place of business is bound to become damaged. Even though there is almost no way to avoid damage to the plaster of your building, there is a way to repair it effectively and affordably. Novak Painting and Decorating will improve the look of your interior spaces by repairing the all important plaster installed in them. No one wants ugly, dented, and cracked plaster hanging on their walls or on their ceilings. That could completely ruin the way you look at your home.

By using our plaster repair services you will drastically improve the look of your interior spaces. If you want to restore your pride in your home or commercial building, we can help. We want to work with you to get the rooms that are most important to you back to a gorgeous and attractive state. We believe we are the best company to accomplish that, thanks to our decades of hands-on experience and the committed plaster repair team we have on staff at all times. Pristine plaster is essential to a clean, handsome looking interior room.

Here are just some of the plaster damages that we can repair for you:

● Stress Cracks—Stress cracks can run the full length of the ceiling in any room of your house. We professionally repair stress cracks and can apply a texture of your choice after the job is done.

● Water Damage—Plaster damaged by water or moisture is most common in the bathroom. Check the walls around your vanities and tubs, if they have some discoloration, give us a call. Water damage to your plaster can not only ruin the look of your bathroom, it can also be a source of hazardous mold.

● Ornamental Plaster—We can fully restore any ornamental plaster you may have in your home. Whether it needs to be reattached to the lathe, or completely replaced, we have everything we need to get the job done.

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