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Plaster Repair

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Plaster Repair | Novak Painting And Decorating

It’s inevitable: the plaster of your home or place of business is bound to become damaged. Even though there is almost no way to avoid damage to the...

Residential Painting | Novak Painting And Decorating

Want to breathe new life into your home? Our team here at Novak Painting and Decorating is the finest residential painting crew you are likely to find...

Interior Painting | Novak Painting And Decorating

The interior paint of your home or commercial business is just as important as the exterior. Here at Novak Painting and Decorating, we...

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Customer Satisfaction

The aesthetic appeal of your home or business is too important to leave in the hands of just any painting and decorating service. It is easy for a company to claim that they do full service painting work but in the painting business, the proof is written on the walls. Our customers are consistently pleased with our work because we pay attention to the minute details of painting work. We are Novak Painting and Decorating and we are committed to doing the finest painting work in Minneapolis, MN.

When we step into your home or business, we will carefully evaluate every nuance of its structure. We take a very methodical approach when it comes to painting, whether interior or exterior. We will not cut corners or use inferior products when we work on your property. Instead, we will make every effort to exceed your expectations and do the best possible painting job we can.

When you feel that your interior or exterior spaces could use a little sprucing up, our painting service could be exactly what does the trick. You can consult with our interior decorating experts to give you ideas and create an amazing space that you can be proud of. Give us a call and see what we can do for your today!